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Watch and Accessories Make a Difference

Omega Speedmaster chronograph is what we can define a “classic.” His nickname among fans is “Moonwatch”. Since March 1, 1965 the Speedmaster is approved by NASA for all space missions and so was nicknamed “Moonwatch”.

The Accessories complete your outfit on all occasions. The Braccialetti AUA are really cool and you can personalize with many colors.

The Pandora bracelet is a guarantee; now it has become an object of worship. Its uniqueness, which makes it a unique object of its kind, is the possibility of being able to customize by adding charms: there are hundreds, categorized according to different themes and materials and to every season the collection is enhanced, making it virtually impossible to find two identical bracelets !

Baraka bracelets are instantly identified across their style. The audience can identify themselves in the world Barakà through luxury, style and technology recognizable in all creations of this brand.

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